Housing for Non Seniors

Seniors Housing Programs

Our Foundation offers two housing options for Seniors.
Lodge Program:
The Seniors Lodge Program is a congregate living setting that provides a private room, meals, housekeeping, linen laundry and life enrichment services for senior citizens who are functionally independent but are not capable of maintaining or do not desire to maintain their own home.
Apartment Program:
This program provides apartment type accommodation to low and moderate-income seniors who are functionally independent, with or without the assistance of existing community based services.

To learn more about these programs and the facilities we offer, click on the program name.

Housing Programs for Others

Please Note: No new applications for rent supplement are being accepted at this time while the existing programs are being reviewed for consistency of benefits and to ensure households that need assistance most are prioritized.

Our Foundation offers the following housing programs for individuals and families.

Direct Rent Supplement
A subsidy is paid directly to an eligible tenant to assist with their rental costs.
Private Landlord Rent Supplement
A subsidy is paid to a private landlord to subsidize the difference between a negotiated market rent and 30% of a household's adjusted income.
Rural & Family Housing
Housing units made available to eligible tenants at 30% of a household's adjusted income.