Mallaig Golden Lodge

Mallaig Golden Lodge Homes

This fourplex building has 4 one bedroom units. Each unit has laundry facilities and there is a gardening area.  

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Building Location
1st Avenue & 1st Street
Mallaig, Alberta

4 One-bed Vacancy: 0

Lise St. Arnault
4440 - 50 Avenue
St. Paul AB T0A 3A2

Manager's Hours
Tue - Fri
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Phone 780-645-5366
Fax 780-645-5733


How to Apply

Applications are assessed based on need, those greatest in need being placed in available units first.

You may download and print an applicaiton form by clicking on the link below.

Please complete the application and submit it to the Manager at the address shown to the left or to the address shown on the application.

Application Form