MD of St. Paul Foundation


The MD of St Paul Foundation lodges; Sunnyside Manor and Elk Point Heritage Lodge fall under the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act. We take direction from Alberta Health Services and will follow their protocols.

The MD of St Paul Foundation is doing the following:

Ensuring staff and residents are familiar with COVID-19 symptoms.

Communicating information about COVID-19 symptoms, and steps required to self assess and respond in the event of symptoms, to residents, volunteers, contractors, families, friends, visitors etc.

Posting alerts at all facility entrances instructing visitors not to visit if they are unwell.

Posting signs emphasising that good hygiene practices remain the best defence against respiratory infections; i.e. frequent handwashing, cover coughs and sneezes etc.

Cleaning high touch surfaces frequently.

Both staff and residents are to report illness immediately.

Our facilities will follow the process of outbreak identification and notification and maintain an increased vigilance for staff and residents with fever and cough.

The MD of St Paul Foundation encourages family members, friends and the general public who are sick, even if they have not travelled to stay home and not visit the lodge as the residents are at the highest risk of complications from both influenza and COVID-19 as well as other respiratory viruses.

Anyone who has traveled and are self monitoring, should consider the risk to the residents and the staff of the lodges and delay their visit. Use other means of communication to contact your loved ones such as phone or face time.

As the MD of St Paul Foundation receives updates and the situation changes, we will adjust our protocols accordingly. Our staff and resident’s safety and well being is our first priority.