MD of St. Paul Foundation

Private Landlord Rent Supplement

This Rent Supplement Program is delivered by the Foundation on behalf of the Province of Alberta. The Province reimburses the Foundation for the subsidies paid and also pays the Foundation an administrative fee.


Rent Subsidy

The program offers the following:

  • Placement of eligible applicants in housing accommodation owned by private landlords.
  • The tenant pays a monthly rent based on 30% of their household income
  • The Foundation pays the private landlord the difference between the tenant's monthly rent and the market rent for the housing unit



The following criteria apply for eligibility purposes:

Applicant's annual household income must meet the local core need income thresholds (CNITS)

Applicants must be Canadian Citizens or have Landed Immigrant Status.

As there are a limited number of subsidies, priority for assistance will be based on those in greatest need being helped first.



Applications are assessed based on need, those greatest in need receive available subsidies first.

You may download and print our applicaiton form by clicking on the link below.

Please complete the application and submit it following the instructions on the form.