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A Bit More About Us

MD of St. Paul Foundation was incorporated in 1995 by Provincial Ministerial Order as a Management Body under the Alberta Housing Act and its associated regulations.


The Foundation manages low - income housing and rental programs for seniors (65 and older) as well as families. All the housing units in our portfolio are the property of the Province of Alberta.


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven elected officials from the Town of St. Paul, Town of Elk Point and the County of St. Paul.


The Foundation has 3 requisitioning  bodies the County of St. Paul, Town of St. Paul, and the Town of Elk Point. These requisitioning bodies aid in the financial support for Sunnyside Manor and Elk Point Heritage Lodge.

Our History

Sunnyside Manor was originally constructed in 1960 and consisted of 32 units, after several renovations and additions Sunnyside Manor now has a total of 113 units. Elk Point Heritage Lodge was constructed in 1986, and had an addition done in 2000. With that addition Elk Point Heritage Lodge currently consists of 50 units.

Senior Self Contained units in St. Paul: Heritage Homes I was built in 1978, and consists of 30 units.  Heritage Homes II was built in 1981 and has a total of 24 units. In Elk Point: Buckingham House was constructed in 1976 and consists of 19 units, Fort George Manor was built in 1981, and consists of a total of 12 units. Within the County of St. Paul: Ashmont Aspen Grove Apartments was built in 1983, and consists of a total of 12 units, Mallaig Golden Homes was built in 1986 and has a total of 4 units.

We currently have 3 houses in Elk Point and 1 house in the County of St. Paul, that were transferred from CMHC to the Province of Alberta in the early 80's. These homes are for low income families with children.

Our Mission

To ensure that everyone has a home through partnerships by offering; housing options for all and by providing supportive staff and services needed to sustain a dignified, healthy quality of life.

Our Vision

" Provide homes that ensure safe and supportive living to everyone."


The Board of Directors is as follows:

Mayor Maureen Miller Board Chair (Town of St. Paul)

Maxine Fodness Vice Chair (County of St. Paul)

Norm Noel (Town of St. Paul)

Louis Dechaine  (County of St. Paul) 

Darrell Youghans (County of St. Paul)

Mayor Parrish Tung (Town of Elk Point)

Dwayne Yaremkevich (Town of Elk Point)

For more information on our Member Municipalities click on the links below,,

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