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Independent & Supportive Lodge Living

Sunnyside Manor

Sunnyside Manor in St. Paul offers 113 units, with an optimal location near schools, parks, the hospital, and dental services.


Elk Point Heritage Lodge

Elk Point Heritage Lodge has 50 one bedroom private units, 40 units are independent living and 10 units are designated supportive living level 3. Located right next to the hospital and across from a walking trail.

Our Community Awaits

Supportive living is both a philosophy and an approach for providing services within a housing environment. It provides a residential setting where people can maintain control over their lives while also receiving the support they need. Buildings and common areas are specifically designed to meet residents’ needs and to support their safety and security. To learn more about Supportive Living as a philosophy please read the Province of Alberta's Supportive Living Framework document.

Supportive Living facilities meet the needs of a wide range of people, but not those who have highly complex and serious health care needs. Supportive living facilities are also typically unable to serve individuals who exhibit unpredictable behaviours that put themselves and/or others at risk.


  • A congregate supportive living setting for senior citizens who are functionally independent but are not capable of maintaining or do not desire to maintain their own home.

  • Basic hospitality services such as meals (at least one main meal per day), housekeeping, laundry, and life-enrichment services on site.

  • A common area for meals, social functions, etc.

  • A safe and accessible environment.

  • 24-hour, 7 days a week, safety and security.

  • Respite services.

The Member Municipalities of our Foundation financially support these facilities by paying the operating deficit. The Province of Alberta provides funding through the Lodge Assistance Program.

The Province of Alberta has established Supportive Living Standards. Our Foundation adheres to those standards in our Supportive Living facilities.

Our program is operated in accordance with the Alberta Housing Act & its Regulations. The Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta does not apply to these supportive living facilities. 

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